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Privately training your puppy is the key to preparing your canine to potentially become a K9 or police dog when it becomes older. Coming up with your own random techniques of privately training your puppy may not be effective. Doing appropriate private puppy training, though, involves the application of a series of proven successful strategies. These strategies are: 

  • Don’t Utilize a Punishment-Based Training Mode 

When you give harsh consequences to your puppy for not obeying, it tends to act even more aggressively. A private puppy training program should be facilitated based on love and compassion. Facilitating the training program this way makes your puppy feel you only want the best for him. By empathizing with your intention, your puppy may eventually exhibit obedience. 

  • Adopt a Rewards-Based Training Program 

After your puppy exhibits obedience, motivate him to continue doing a good job by offering him rewards. A motivational private puppy training program consists of the distribution of rewards your puppy loves. Rewarding your puppy with things that he doesn’t love doesn’t make the rewards valuable to your pet, and thus, worthwhile to give. Examples of rewards many puppies love are bones, sweet treats, such as chocolates and candies, and toys, among others. 

  • Teach How to Execute Basic Behaviors 

A pre-requisite to training your puppy to be obedient is by teaching him how to execute basic behaviors. There’s no way your puppy can obey you if it doesn’t have the skill to execute these behaviors. Not having the skill to execute these behaviors in a puppy school near me strips away the chances of your pet being equipped to become a K9 dog in the future. Examples of basic behaviors your puppy is better off to learn are going to toilets outdoors, eating and drinking by themselves, and being aware how to avoid potential and real dangerous individuals, objects, and situations. 

  • Realize the Importance of Being Patient 

Every puppy has its own pace for learning, based on the levels of their skills and motivation. So, realizing that the training program you yourself facilitate may not produce desired results right away is important. Attending sessions in a dog training school may also not produce the desired results, as well. Being animals, many puppies are likely slow in absorbing new information and learning new things. 

  • Do Your Training When Your Puppy is in a Good Mood 

Normally, when your puppy is feeling emotionally good, it may be tolerant to become obedient and exert effort in absorbing the learning of new things in their brains. 

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